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Carbon Project works closely with our clients to unlock all business potential and look towards future product opportunities. To cultivate future un-met needs we paint the picture of what and how scenarios might play out ahead of us. The process relies heavily on research and partnering with subject matter experts and then sythesizing gathered information and data to build user personas and scenarios.

Nike Considered Design

THE CHALLENGE: What will the athlete encounter in the not too distant future as a result to climate impact on human health and how can Nike meet those challenges?

THE RESULTS: Four countries, 50 experts, 18,000 miles. A global science research and product exploration project to drive future innovative solutions. By synthesizing interviews and data from international experts that stretch across a broad range of backgrounds, we identified potential areas of opportunity, and then built deeper personas of future users within these scenarios and what solutions to problems need to be explored and developed.

Conclusions were drawn and product innovation strategies were followed up by the design of an interactive App and three-dimensional exhibition space showcasing found data, suggested opportunities as well as giving designers inspiration and awareness for future product work.

Nike Considered Design

THE CHALLENGE: Merge Performance and Sustainabilty and create systemic solutions for the new "state of the shoe"

Create a "North Star" for Nike Considered Design.

THE RESULTS: Three different solutions that provide new approaches to footwear design and manufacturing. Moving away from the hand built, layer cake method, to a more "design with disassembly in mind" process and the use of sustainable materials to create Nike's performance products.

*Professor / Art Center Pro Studio Director - Art Center College of Design

Disney + Little Bits

THE CHALLENGE: Developed concepts for integrating Little Bits electronic building components into the Disney's Imagineering franchises.

THE RESULTS: A variety of concepts that combined Disney's memorable theme park attractions with Imagineering's magic and the building platform of Little Bits. Each of the concepts were developed as a kit to be built by the child and to teach them basic circuitry, programming, assembly and design. The concepts were prototyped as "proof of concept" to present to senior leadership.


THE CHALLENGE: What will the future of Mobile Communications be in the year 2015 for Japan and what insights can west coast design talents shed on it?

THE RESULTS: The future of mobile communications invisioned through five products and services that outline the potential of future technology for NTT DoCoMo, brought to life in a short film.

*Professor / Art Center Pro Studio Director - Art Center College of Design

Samsung USA

THE CHALLENGE: Develop new design directions for the North American market.

THE RESULTS: Carbon Project researched consumer insights and conceptualized product innovations for the small kitchen appliance market. The project focused on translating lifestyle trends into innovative product solutions.​

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